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Competitions are an excellent way to challenge students to extend their dance technique and performance. All students are eligible to do competition solos, duos, and trios in any style in which they are undertaking tuition at CBDS.


My child wants to do a competition - where do I start?

Check your availability and choose a competition

See the list in the pink section of this page to check out which events are available, and suit your schedule, budget, and desired level of commitment.

Please CLICK HERE to view the private tuition rates

Be aware that studio and teacher availability for competition practice is STRICTLY limited. Families wishing to undertake private tuition should expect to attend on a different day/evening to regular classes (this is also to ensure dancers have the energy and focus required to get the most out of their private lessons). Our primary days for competition private lessons are THURSDAY and FRIDAY.

Discuss options with teachers and students

The CBDS team can provide guidance on a dancer's suitability for style (and will eventually make the decision whether or not to approve their selection for competition routines). Ultimately though, dancers should only request competition routines in styles they are passionate about and motivated to excel in. Competition entries should not be made half-hearted!

Dancers considering duos or trios MUST discuss this with other students and their parents to ensure the interest and commitment of all parties. CBDS will not seek out dance partners for students!

Submit your request to CBDS management

All requests for competition private tuition must be submitted in writing to

When emailing your requests, it is essential to include the routines in which dancers are interested, who they have confirmed as duo/trio partners (if applicable), and a guide to days and times that you are available. Keep in mind that studio space and teachers' time is at a premium, so have multiple options or preferences listed - it is helpful to detail any days or times that are definitely not available. Also be sure that when listing available times for duo/trio lessons that both/all families are available.

The CBDS team will confirm via return email your allocated private lesson time/s. Most lessons run on a fortnightly-rotating schedule.


This document is an essential guide to competitions for dancers, parents, and teachers.

It is ESSENTIAL that anyone considering joining the CBDS competition team read the handbook before committing to competition solos, duos, or trios.


CBDS officially endorses a limited schedule of competitions each year. This is to limit the impact of students and teachers being absent from regular studio classes, which are expected to be a priority.

Individual families may chose to enter competitions outside this list, but on the understanding they will attend without CBDS staff present to support, and that their attendance will not clash with their regular studio classes.

CANDANCE Competitions - info on request

FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS competitions -

View website  at:

Registration: $40

Solo: $37.50

Duo/Trio: $23.00pp

Champion Dancer: $50.00

SASDSCompetitions (Sept/Oct) - info on request

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