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Wearing a uniform to class is an important way that students develop the discipline required to be an excellent dancer. This same discipline can have a positive impact on children in the school environment, and teenagers and young adults preparing to enter the workforce.


Our studio uniform allows freedom of movement for dancers, and is form-fitting to enable teachers to observe students' posture, shape, and lines in order to better correct technique.

The CBDS team appreciates the support of parents and caregivers in enforcing our uniform standards.

Click on the following links for a detailed list of uniform items deeded in each age group:



Studio leotard and matching ballet skirt.

Flesh pink convertible tights with pink ballet shoes. Socks are not permitted.


Black tights or leggings.

Plain black or white t-shirt or leotard.

Black ballet shoes with black socks.



Studio leotard and black dance shorts.

Skintone Fiesta tights with jazz and tap shoes. Socks are not permitted.


Black shorts or  fitted dance pants, with a plain black t-shirt or singlet.

Black jazz and tap shoes.


It is essential that only firm-fitting clothing is worn in Acro classes, for the safety of dancers and spotters.

Studio leotard and shorts, as per Jazz and Tap classes.

Convertible tights in flesh pink or skintone must be worn.


Black shorts, pants, or leggings with a t-shirt or leotard, as per Ballet, Jazz and Tap classes. Items must not be too baggy.

No shoes or socks are worn in Acro.

UNIFORM BASICS: Contemporary

Studio uniform as per Jazz and Tap classes.

Socks or bare feet, foot thongs/turning shoes are permitted but not required.

Skintone matte footless tights required for performances, depending on costume. Any convertible/footless tights may be worn for classes.


*Ballet tights must be worn in all ballet classes, and can be worn in all other classes to save time changing, however skintone gloss Fiesta tights are essential for Jazz and Tap performances, and skintone matte footless tights may be required for Contemporary performances.


Students are encouraged to wear comfortable hip hop-style clothing over or instead of regular studio uniform to better adapt to this style of dance. Loose-fitting clothing such as tracksuit pants, basketball shorts, singlets or t-shirts are recommended.

Sneakers or skater shoes must be worn (jazz or ballet shoes are not appropriate).


Especially in cooler months, dancers may choose to wear extra layers, not only for comfort but for safety, helping to keep muscles warm early on in classes. Crossovers are strongly recommended for young students, or a similar long-sleeved fitted top for older students. Leggings may also replace shorts.

Official studio merchandise is available for order, and includes options such as a warm-up jacket, singlet, shorts, and leggings.

Any additional dancewear that is not official studio-branded merchandise should be in plain studio colours, with minimal or no patterns or other designs. Clothing must also not be too bulky.


Good grooming is an important part of the proper studio uniform. In exams and competitions, grooming can impact results, which is one reason it is practiced in classes!

Most classes require hair to be worn in a bun, with no fringe. Keeping hair firmly secured and out of the eyes not only looks tidier, but is more comfortable and safer for students whilst they are moving around.

Students who arrive at classes with their hair not in a bun may be asked to fix it before joining the group.

Certain classes (Contemporary and Hip Hop) may have more relaxed requirements for hair to better suit the style of dance.

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